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All India Vikas Congress Party Merger with Congress

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In view of the Lok Sabha elections, all political parties have intensified their preparations. In this series, at the state Congress headquarters, National President of All India Vikas Congress Party Vinod Rai merged his party with Congress and accepted the primary membership of the party in front of State Congress President Ajay Rai.
On this occasion, State Congress President Ajay Rai said that today the public is fed up with the anti-people policies of BJP. The young man is feeling cheated. There is no such thing as law and order in the state, everyday heinous criminal incidents like murder, dacoity, rape, robbery are being carried out by criminals, due to which there is great disappointment among the people of the state.

He said that the main objective of Bharat Jodo Yatra launched by Rahul Gandhi is to understand the dire pain of the people of the country and make efforts to remove it in future. Influenced by this, today many political parties and the general public are expressing their faith in the Congress Party. Now the people of the country and the state are confident that Congress is the only party that can save them from the misrule of BJP. National President of All India Development Congress Party Vinod Rai said in his address that I There was a long wait for this day and he came today. Today, after taking membership of the Congress Party, I feel proud that I am getting the opportunity to work as a soldier of the party whose leaders have contributed mainly in the freedom struggle. Whatever guidelines I get from the party, I will try to follow it with full devotion. Vinod Rai has accepted membership along with his colleagues.



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