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825 Crore Rupees Distributed Among 55 Thousand Women Self-Help Groups for Livelihood

Ranchi: Chief Minister Shri Champai Soren stated that women are no longer dependent but self-reliant and independent in every aspect today. Women are now capable of doing everything on par with men. In our country, we have numerous inspiring examples of women in various fields including social reform, politics, economy, education, science and research, business, sports, and military, among others. Our hardworking sisters and daughters in Jharkhand are making significant contributions not only to the state’s economy but also to the nation’s economic development. I want to appeal to all the women’s self-help groups present here today to recognize your talent and move forward with confidence. The government will always stand by you in every step and situation. Just as the previous government led by former Chief Minister Hemant Soren stood with you, we will also stand with you in every sorrow and joy. I assure you that there will be no shortage of any kind from your state government, I want to assure you all today. Chief Minister Shri Champai Soren addressed the “State-level Expo and Capacity Building Camp for Women of Sakhi Mandal” program held at Morahabadi Ground.

Chief Minister Shri Champai Soren said that we will now ensure the benefits of the Abuja Housing Scheme reach needy families. Under your plan, your government, your campaign, more than 30 lakh applications have been received for the Abuja Housing Scheme. Our government will provide Abuja housing to 20 lakh eligible families. Our government understands the plight of those who live in makeshift houses made of grass, straw, and mud. We will make available a pucca house with three rooms to such families so that they can lead a dignified life in every situation.

Chief Minister Shri Champai Soren said that under the leadership of former Chief Minister Hemant Soren, many such schemes have been implemented in the state, the direct benefit of which has been received by the people of Jharkhand. The plight of farmer brothers in the state was not good before the year 2019. From the year 2019 till now, under the leadership of former Chief Minister Hemant Soren, our government has made farmer credit cards available to 21 lakh farmers. Farmers in the state have also benefited from the agricultural loan waiver scheme. Fruitful plants have been planted under the Birsa Harit Gram Yojana in more than one lakh acres of land. Work is ongoing to provide water to the fields of farmers. Chief Minister said that the state has implemented the Universal Pension Scheme. Today, timely pensions are being made available to all elderly men and women, disabled persons, and widowed women. Our government will now provide 125 units of free electricity to the people of Jharkhand. A provision has been made to provide 75% reservation to local youths of all sections of society including tribal-origin people in private sector jobs. Now, 75% of the working youths in all private industrial institutions established in the state will be from our state. The work of repairing and constructing 15 thousand kilometers of rural roads to connect villages with cities is underway in rural areas.

Chief Minister Shri Champai Soren distributed a assistance amount of 825 crore rupees among 55 thousand women self-help groups during the program. Minister Shri Alamgir Alam, Minister Shri Satyanand Bhokta, Chief Secretary to the Chief Minister Shri Vinay Kumar Choubey, Secretary of Rural Development Department Shri Chandrashekhar, along with other dignitaries and women from women self-help groups from across the state were present in large numbers at the occasion.



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