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“21st Indigenous Expo Concludes Successfully After Nine Days”

Bokaro, EW News: The Indigenous Awakening Forum is playing a crucial role in making India self-reliant. This is the result of years of effort by the forum, which has made the entire country self-reliant. This was stated by the director of SAIL, Harshnath Mishra, during the closing ceremony of the nine-day 21st Indigenous Expo organized by the Indigenous Awakening Forum. He said that the vision seen by the revered Dattopant Thengadi Ji to make the nation economically strong is now being fulfilled through indigenous means. Therefore, people refer to him as a visionary. Similarly, Sachindra Kumar Bariyar, the national head of the forum, said that through the Self-Reliant India campaign led by the Indigenous Awakening Forum, India will be fully employed by 2029.

He said that currently, there are 35 crore unemployed youth in the country who cannot be provided with employment. This is why no government can claim in parliament how many youths they can employ. Mr. Bariyar said that through the fair, the platform works for the promotion of local small entrepreneurs because, in this age of globalization, promotion is very important. He said that we believe that if Bokaro becomes self-reliant, the state will become self-reliant, and the country will progress towards self-sufficiency. Before this, the guests inaugurated the program by offering flowers and lighting a lamp on the image of Mother India. Subsequently, Poonam Sinha, the main guest of the event, honored Bhagat by giving him a shawl. Similarly, the wife of the main guest Harshnath Mishra, renowned artist Indu Mishra, was honored by Manju Sinha by giving her a shawl.

It is known that Indu Mishra is a world-renowned Mithila painting artist. His Mithila painting exhibition has illuminated the name of the state in the country and abroad. In the program, matchbox operator Shashank Shekhar operated. The fair coordinators Sanjay Vaidya, Amarendra Kumar Singh, Ajay Choudhary Deepak, Kumar Sanjay, Pramod Kumar Sinha, Jayashankar Prasad, etc., expressed their thoughts on Self-Reliant India. Various activists of the platform, including Vivekanand Jha, Manish Srivastava, Vinod Choudhary, Dadan Kumar, Uttam Kumar Jha, Upendra Narayan Singh, and Suresh Kumar Sinha, played their roles in making the entire event successful.



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