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15 ration dealers were charged, 12 licenses suspended

On Friday, 15 dealers of Jamshedpur urban area have taken action simultaneously on allegations of irregularities. Of these, the licenses of 12 have been suspended, while three have been issued show cause notices. Special Division Officer (SOR) Naveen Kumar has caught irregularities in the surprise check of these shops.The shopkeepers who have been suspended are Ram Vilas Sao (Licence No. 94(H) 2017), Ashok Kumar (License No. 235(H) 2021), Sadanand Singh (License No. 114/85), JGCC Cooperative Store Branch of Mango. -22 (License No. 109/85), Shiv Shankar Agarwal (License No. 47/85)Marshal Mahila Samiti (Licence No. 06/09), Sanjay Saw (License No. 236(H) 2021), Satyanarayan (Lic. No. 18/2003), Hemant Kumar Mahato (License No. 26/96), Rajesh Kumar Upadhyay of Jamshedpur Axis Area (License No. 240/2011), Shambhu Ho (License No. 59/03) and Ramratan Sahu (License No. 178(H) 2017). All of them are accused of distributing less than 50% of the ration during August, as the month is about to pass, as per the online report displayed in the Aahar portal. Two have distributed only 21-21 percent ration. Therefore, license suspensions have been made on charges of dereliction of duty. All have been asked to reply within a week.

Adarsh ​​Sahakari Consumer Bhandar Ltd. of Bhuyandih Gwala Basti, Kanhai Saw (License No. 55H/2017), Jugsalai. (License No. 40/85) and Sulochana Devi (License No. 02/91) of Jugsalai itself have been asked for clarification. A reply has been sought from all three within three days.

It is alleged that Sao did not give full grain to the cardholder, Adarsh ​​Sahakari made a store in another room without informing and stock check found less than 200 liters of kerosene. Sulochana Devi is accused of killing Mohd. The shop has been given to Naushad.

(EW Correspondent)



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