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Pharma park to be built on 50 acres of land in Chanho Ranchi.

Ranchi: State’s participation in pharmaceutical business is only 1%. Government is constructing a pharma park seeing the steady growth in pharma business.
Pharma park will be built in Jharkhand. 50 acres land have been chosen for the same in Chanho, Ranchi. Pharma industry will be developed by developing industrial areas there. The department of industries has prepared a proposal related to this and sent it for the approval of The State Authorized Committee.

There will be four types of plots in the park:
Plots will be allocated to pharmaceutical companies in the proposed pharma park. 29 for micro, 14 for small, 7 for medium and 4 plots have been marked for large companies. Apart from this road, bank, post office, administrative building, canteen, creche will be also arranged there in the pharma park. 1.59 acres open space has been left in the proposed park. There will also be a system for making medicine, doing research, discovering new drugs, clinical data management. A provision of giving discounts to the pharmaceutical manufacturers has been made by the state government for setting up industries in the pharma parks. In this 20% subsidy will be given on project investment. 100% discount on stamp duty & registration. Provision has been made to provide assistance up to rupees 10 lakh on quality certification. Apart from this 5% interest subsidy will also be provided with a rebate of 75 to 80% as GST grant.



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