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113 modular toilets to be installed in the city

Ranchi, Ranchi Municipal Corporation is going to set up 113 modular toilets in Ranchi. Two crore 81 lakh 37 thousand rupees will be spent on these modular toilets. The blueprint for installing modular toilets has been prepared. Tender has also been issued. Modular toilets will be installed at 113 places in the capital Ranchi after the tender will be finalized in October. The team of Municipal Corporation is conducting survey for site selection. These modular toilets are being installed with the aim of making Ranchi clean and increasing the civic amenities here.

These modular toilets will be installed under the Swachh Bharat Mission. The government has set a target of setting up 226 seat modular toilets in Ranchi under this mission. Two lakh 49 thousand rupees will be spent on a two-seater modular toilet. One lakh 24 thousand rupees will be spent on a modular toilet with one seat.

A plan has been prepared to set up modular toilets in Ranchi. Ranchi Municipal Corporation officials say that the plan to set up modular toilets will be approved in the meeting of the corporation board. Before this the plan is being finalized.

Site marking work started

Where the modular toilets will be installed, the work of marking the site has started. Ranchi Municipal Corporation officials have asked the employees associated with the Swachh Bharat Mission to conduct a survey of Ranchi. It will be seen through the survey that where there is a need of modular toilets. These toilets will be installed in the markets where there are no modular toilets. For this, a list is being prepared after identifying the places.

Ranchi Municipal Corporation had constructed 111 modular toilets in the city for Rs.11 crore. Most of these modular toilets are lying closed. There is dirt in most places. Ranchi Municipal Corporation has deputed contractors to keep each toilet clean and provide continuous water supply there. But these contractors mostly do not take care of modular toilets. The modular toilets installed in the market in Doranda, behind the Ranchi High Court, are looked after daily. Cleaning is done here every afternoon. People say that the toilets which are at the VIP sites are taken care of. People are hesitant to use the rest of the toilets because of the dirt.

(EW correspondent)



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