Chief Minister Encourages Public Participation in Development through “Apki Yojna – Apki Sarkar – Apke Dwar” Campaign


Chief Minister affirmed the government’s commitment to providing social security, including pensions, to every needy individual

Sanjay Pandey Ranchi: In a significant address during the third phase of the “Apki Yojna – Apki Sarkar – Apke Dwar” program in Maanpur Panchayat, East Singhbhum district, Chief Minister Hemant Soren emphasized citizen empowerment and urged active participation in the state’s development. The government is reaching out to homes, attentively listening to people’s concerns, and resolving issues through various initiatives.

Chief Minister Soren highlighted the transformation in government-citizen interaction, eliminating the need for rural residents to frequent offices for official matters. He emphasized that the government, irrespective of size, is now reaching citizens directly to address grievances and involve them in state development.

Social Security with Food, Clothing, and Shelter

The Chief Minister affirmed the government’s commitment to providing social security, including pensions, to every needy individual. Initiatives such as the distribution of additional ration to 20 lakh beneficiaries and the “Sona-Sobarn Dhoti Sari Yojana” offering clothing at a nominal cost were also emphasized. The newly introduced Abuha Housing Scheme aims to fulfill the dreams of 8 lakh impoverished individuals.

Empowering Youth Entrepreneurs

Chief Minister Soren introduced the Chief Minister Employment Creation Scheme, which provides financial support to young entrepreneurs without the need for collateral. The government acts as a guarantor, encouraging youth to become business owners and contribute to economic growth.

Education Opportunities for Underprivileged Children

The Chief Minister assured that initiatives are in place to ensure that children from economically weaker sections, tribal communities, and minorities have the opportunity to become doctors, engineers, and officers. Scholarships for higher education abroad, financial support for competitive exam preparations, and the recently launched Guruji Credit Card Scheme were highlighted as measures to uplift the educational landscape.

The government aims to bridge the gap between the administration and the public, bringing about positive changes in Jharkhand’s development trajectory. The Chief Minister concluded by expressing gratitude to the officials present, reinforcing the collaborative effort towards a progressive and inclusive future for the state.


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