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Women doing yarn spinning and weaving work.

Ranchi: Khirodini Tant belongs to a group of 45 women who work in Khadi Park, Amda established in Seraikela-Kharsanwa district of Jharkhand. These women are doing yarn spinning and weaving work here. With their patience and effort, they extract the thread from the cocoon and weave the threads into cloth reels. The women of this region are able to do this work very efficiently. In lieu of work, these women are earning one thousand rupees for every kg of production. Through this work, women are contributing and thereby augmenting total income of households.

It was during the freedom struggle of India when Mahatma Gandhi envisioned an industry that can become a means of sustainable livelihood for the masses. It was Khadi and other similar handwoven products. He always believed that it could become a means to the economic liberation of rural India. During his multiple visits to Jharkhand, Mahatma Gandhi appreciated the practice followed by the tribes of Jharkhand. Today, the incumbent Government of Jharkhand is committed to boost the rural economy through multiple initiatives by providing self-employment to the rural population. Khadi Park, Amda and Mayurakshi Silk in Dumka is part of that initiative.   

Amda Khadi Park is famous for the production of Tasar silk. The Khadi Park was created with the idea that facilities for threading and weaving silk cocoons should be provided in one place. Apart from these activities, women involved in production are also provided with training to better their skills related in this field of work. The women of this region have benefited greatly from this. 

Due to the spread of the novel Coronavirus, Amda Khadi park recorded a decline in production in the last one and a half years. Now, when life is slowly returning to normal, production has been resumed. At present, 70 to 100 kg of Tasar silk is being produced every month in the Amda Khadi Park. The government is putting efforts to increase the scale of production which will create new employment opportunities in the area.

It is also a proven fact that the quality of Tasar silk from Seraikela-Kharsawan is considered to be one of the best in the country. The climate here is most favourable for Tasar production. The work of rearing silkworms in Arjuna trees and producing yarn has been a long tradition of the region. The Jharkhand government is constantly making efforts to run a series of initiatives regarding Tasar and other related products.

Given the above, an emporium is being the run inside Khadi Park. The government is planning to convert this into a grand showroom to attract more footfall. Various types of Khadi products are available here, such as bundis, kurtas, shirts and other products made of Tasar silk can be bought here. “Amda Khadi Park is engaged in the work of extracting yarn from cocoons and making cloth reels. Further, the produced Tasar is used in the production of multiple readymade products. Tasar silk here is known for its superior quality. There was a decline in production recorded due to Novel Corona Virus, but now production has started again. Efforts are being made to increase this production gradually.”

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