Jharkhand|The situation of corona infection in Jharkhand is continuously deteriorating. In the last one week, the spread of infection has spread almost all over the state. It is a matter of concern that there is a qualitative increase in the infection rate in the state. The situation is that the rate of infection in six districts of the state including Ranchi is either close to the alarming level or has crossed that line. Bokaro is such a district where the infection rate has crossed 10 percent. Here the rate was found to be 10.86 percent. The infection rate of Ranchi is 4.91, Hazaribagh 5.01, Koderma 5.74 and Ramgarh’s infection rate is 5.00 percent. Apart from this, 3.08 percent infection has been found in Lohardaga, 2.53 in Khunti, Dhanbad 1.74, Deoghar 1.72, East Singhbhum 1.43, Jamtara 1.04 and West Singhbhum 1.09 percent. Whereas, less than 1 percent of the districts and 00 positivity have been found in three districts.
EW Correspondent