First it was Irfan Ansari, then Deepika Pande Singh and now ex-state congress president Pradeep Balmuchu. And on the line of fire is Congress Minister Banna Gupta. Mr. Gupta is three term MLA from Jamshedpur West.

Why only Banna Gupta is being Targeted ?

Right from the begining Banna Gupta is on hit list of wannabe ministers because many within congress thinks that he became minister with blessings of RPN Singh. After RPN Singh switching side with BJP, it is possible to remove him from minister’s post. Maybe a woman MLA could get chance to be minister from Congress quota.

Second vulnerable Minister within congress is Rameshwar Oraon, not because of his performance but because many other Tribal leaders within party has ambition of becoming Minister. Christian lobby within Congress definitely doesn’t like Dr. Oraon and wants a Christian Tribal candidate to become minister. Two obvious choices are Bandhu Tirkey and Noman Viksal Congadi (MLA from Simdega, a christian dominated district.)

Alamgir Alam is most safe minister with good relations with high command and that he belongs to minority community. Mr. Alam’s second strength is his performance in MANREGA.