Volleyball Association’s two-day inter-district tournament trial camp concluded

Palamu | A two-day trial camp organized by Palamu District Volleyball Association for the Inter-District Volleyball Tournament came to end. Students from different schools of the district were participating in the camp. The team of students selected from this camp will represent Palamu in the tournament. The camp was concluded by traffic inspector Rudranand Saras, after getting acquainted with the players. During this, Mr. Saras said that it is a matter of good fortune to have such an event in Palamu and such kind of event will increase the interest of children in sports in the district. Let us tell you that the Inter-District Junior Volleyball Tournament is starting from December 15, in which the team of students from all the districts of the province will participate. After this tournament, the selected team will represent the state in the country-level tournament. Many members including Johri, Sushil Tiwari, Jitendra Soni, Avinash Chanchal, Pradeep Mehta, Sanat Chatterjee, Manish Bhivania, PK Mishra, Anil Pandey, Santosh Kumar, Mohammad Idris, and Vikrant Kumar were present.

EW Correspondent