Agartala, Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb accused his West Bengal counterpart and TMC Chief Mamata Banerjee of sheltering drug mafias in her state last evening in an election rally here.

Deb alleged, “Trinamool Congress is sheltering infamous drug mafias of the state and in turns, those elements are funding the TMC to run the show in Tripura. The West Bengal police have turned down the requests to cooperate with Tripura police. Three drug kingpins who could not stay here have now been under the protection of Trinamool Congress in West Bengal.”

“They have tried a lot to make a comeback. But, I did not allow it. They tried to convince me and even offered a huge share of money as party funds, but I did not make any compromise with my people. When they saw all their ways to return Tripura are getting permanently closed down, they have ganged up with Trinamool Congress and now acting as their source of funding for Tripura,” the Chief Minister claimed.

He mentioned that the people of Tripura will foil the attempts of the unholy power mongers. They have been making a futile attempt to win the confidence of self-respected citizens of Tripura with the money of drug traders of the State. TMC is trying to create a volatile situation with the help of drug mafias.

(EW correspondent)