Para teachers condemned the government’s disobedience
Hussainabad (Palamu). The joint meeting of Integrated Para Teacher Sangharsh Morcha Block Unit Hussainabad-Haidernagar was held under the chairmanship of Block President Pappu Patel in the courtyard of Panchsarovar Temple near Block Headquarters Geeta Pokhara. Organized by the organization minister Brijmohan Mehta. Mainly in the meeting, Palamu district president of Sangharsh Morcha Manoj Kumar Singh and assembly constituency convener Vijay Bahadur Singh were present. In the meeting, the organizational strategy was brainstormed for its demands.In the meeting, the teachers representatives said that the Hemant government came to power in its manifesto and election meetings by promising to give permanent and pay scales to the para teachers, but two years have to pass. There is disappointment among the para teachers due to non-fulfillment of the demand of para teachers. The state government is engaged in curing the previous government and the central government by making only Korena a shield. The speakers alleged that Hemant’s government has quarantined the issue of para teachers.During the tenure of the government, hundreds of para teachers, who were financially deficient, died due to lack of better treatment, due to which the anger among the para teachers has increased. The teachers representatives said that if the government does not fulfill our demands by August 15, then the para teachers will be forced to make a statewide agitation.District President Manoj Kumar Singh said that if the Hemant government does not fulfill the promise made to the para teachers in its resolution letter soon, then the para teachers will take the decision of agitation. Which will be the responsibility of the present government. It may be noted that the Hemant-led government had secured the support of 65 thousand para teachers of the state by promising to make the para teachers permanent within three months of the formation of the government.On the occasion, Birender Kumar Singh, Haidernagar Block President Sachita Kumar Singh, Vinod Ram, Birendra Kumar Mehta, Krishna Ram Vinay Sharma, Rajendra Mehta, Chandramouleshwar Thakur, Birender Pal, Shailesh Kumar Singh, Rakesh Kumar Singh, Vishwanath Ravi, Dhirendra Kumar, Upendra Pal, Hundreds of para teachers including Rampravesh Ram, Amresh Kumar Singh, Ashok Pal, Sudama Singh, Ajay Kumar, Anil Kumar Paswan were present.