Students will be given practical information related to ‘filmmaking’ through seminar

All the students of School of Journalism and Mass Communication will participate
Along with filmmaking, ‘acting’ will also be taught

Ranchi: School of Journalism and Mass Communication Department, in collaboration with Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee University, Directorate of Cultural Affairs, and Government of Jharkhand (Department of Tourism, Art, Culture, Sports and Youth Affairs) is going to organize a 10-day seminar on the University campus.
A planning meeting was held with the teachers of the department under the chairmanship of Dr. Mohammad Ayub, the director regarding the event. In which many important points were discussed as well as important decisions were also taken. This seminar will start from 13th of the month and will run till 22nd of November. All the students of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication Department will participate in the seminar. It will be mandatory for all the students to participate in this and whose registration will be done through online medium. This seminar will run for 5 hours daily, whose timings will be from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. To make this event a success, a meeting of the concerned teachers has been organized under the chairmanship of the director in the department at 12:00 noon on November 11 for planning and implementation. In the seminar, practical information related to ‘filmmaking’ will be given to the students. In this, along with filmmaking, ‘acting’ will also be taught. Let us tell you that Jharkhand has always had a unique identity in terms of art and culture. At such a time, the initiative of organizing this seminar by the Directorate of Culture Affairs and the Department of School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee University is not only in the interest of the students, but it will also help in creating art and culture, film production and production in Jharkhand. Creative skills will be developed and will help in creating a conducive environment for art and culture through film making. For information related to the program, students can contact Md. Rameez (7903248638) in the department.