Schools are opening from today, know these important things before sending children

With the second wave of corona infection slowing down in the country, schools have started opening in various states amid relaxation in restrictions. Schools from class 9th to 12th are opening in Uttarakhand today i.e. from Monday. Let us tell you that in many states (gujarat, haryana, bihar, jharkhand, up government) including Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Gujarat, the government had opened schools and colleges from last Monday.

It may be noted that many important decisions were taken in the Jharkhand Disaster Management Authority meeting on Friday, under which classes up to 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th can now be conducted in schools in the state. But for this the permission of the parents will be necessary. However, everyone is waiting for when the schools in the capital Delhi will open.

Classes will run till 12 noon: In Jharkhand Classes will run till 12 noon, but there will be a ban on prayer meetings in schools. Vaccination will be necessary for children 18 years of age and above to protect them from corona. The government has also given permission to open coaching centers and children of 18 years of age or above will also be able to go and study here.

Note: It will be necessary to follow the covid protocol to send the children to school. The school will also have to follow social distancing.