Patna: VIP President Mukesh Sahni is now officially out of NDA. With his leaving the NDA, speculations have started in the political aisle of Bihar. It is being speculated that now he can return to his old bastion Mahagathbandhan. However, for this, the RJD is yet to give its consent.

In this regard, RJD leader Bhola Yadav, close to Lalu Yadav, has come to the fore. He said that if Mukesh Sahni keeps his point unconditionally, then it will be considered. Mukesh Sahni has openly praised Lalu Yadav on many occasions. He has also appreciated Lalu’s ideology many times.

Along with this, on the possibility of Mukesh Sahni joining the Mahagathbandhan and the ideology of Mukesh Sahni, Bhola Yadav said that all these things are worth considering, on which our leaders will decide.

On the talk of Bhola Yadav not imposing condition and saying that ideology is one, VIP chief Mukesh Sahni said that when ideology is one then what is the need to be one? When ideas are common, they are one. The present gesture of Mukesh Sahni is clearly showing that the path of his entry in the Mahagathbandhan is clear to a large extent.