Ranchi: Speculation continues on the candidates of NDA and Mahagathbandhan regarding Rajya Sabha elections in Jharkhand. According to media reports, NDA is going to make Raghuvar Das a Rajya Sabha candidate. AJSU and independent Amit Yadav may also support Raghuvar Das. However the support of Saryu Rai for NDA candidate is still a matter of doubt. Although no official declaration has been made so far from NDA on this yet.

There was a tussle between the JMM-Congress on Friday regarding the candidate in the Rajya Sabha elections. Ruling party JMM which is claiming itself to be self-sufficient to carry out this election on its own is saying that the Congress is in the role of a petitioner in the Rajya Sabha and petitions are not made blindly. Supriyo Bhattacharya also said that JMM has sufficient numbers. “We have 30 MLAs and we can take out Rajya Sabha seat on our own.” Claimed General Secretary Supriyo Bhattacharya in a press conference. JMM also claimed that the party is in talks with some more MLAs and is confident of acquiring support .

Responding to Supriyo Bhattacharya’s statement, it was said on behalf of the Congress that Congress is neither showing eyes to anyone nor is pleading. Alliances ever succeed on the basis of consensus, not instructions. Congress spokesperson Rajiv Ranjan said that our alliance has been done before the elections. The people’s mandate was given to the coalition which is a matter of respect. Allied parties should refrain from rhetoric that opens the knot of the alliance.

Rajiv Ranjan Prasad said that as far as the last Rajya Sabha election is concerned, it was decided to field candidates on the basis of mutual consent in the meeting held in the presence of the Chief Minister and the then Congress in-charge. Guruji is a recognized leader of Jharkhand. there should be no doubt

Lobbying for tickets even inside Congress

Within the Congress, lobbying continues in Delhi regarding the candidature of the Rajya Sabha elections. If media reports are to be believed, discussions are being made upon the names of Dr. Ajay Kumar, Subodhkant Sahai, Furkan Ansari and Shahzada Anwar are being discussed.

The Congress high command has swung into action after the news of Chief Minister Hemant Soren fielding his wife in the Rajya Sabha elections in the media. Congress in-charge Avinash Pandey held a meeting with state Congress leaders in Delhi on Friday. State President Rajesh Thakur, leader Alamgir Alam, Shahzada Anwar etc. were present in this meeting.