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Professor used to send obscene messages, the students surrounded him and beat him with slippers

64 years old Dr. KK Akhouri, Chairman, Department of Philosophy, Kolhan University started keeping a wrong eye on the girls he teaches. Late night, he started sending obscene messages on his own girl’s WhatsApp. Poor girls, for some days she could not say anything out of shame. But after a few days, when the water started rising above the head, anger broke out. What was it, all the girls together welcomed Professor Sahib with shoes and slippers. Now the poor professor have been apologizing with folded hands.

Enraged by the obscene act, the students along with the victims reached the university on Monday and beat up the aged professor Dr. KK Akhouri. His clothes were also torn. Akhouri apologized with folded hands to the students for his misdeeds. Even after this the students did not calm down. Meanwhile, the university administration got information about the beating of Dr. Akhouri, then Proctor MA Khan, DSW Dr. SC Das and CCDC Dr. MK Mohapatra reached there. They somehow rescued the professor from there and controlled the situation. After this, Dr. Akhauri was questioned. Dr. Akhouri also apologized to the team for his act.

The university administration also questioned the girl students who made the allegations. Meanwhile, on receiving the information, the police of Mufasil police station of Chaibasa also reached the spot. The police took the accused professor into custody and brought him to the police station. There he was interrogated. After this, registering an FIR in the police station on the written statement of the girl students, the professor was put into custody.

Dr. KK Akhouri, Head of the Department of Philosophy, lives with his family in Mango, Jamshedpur. The four girls who made the allegations are first year students in Kolhan University. These students informed the leaders of Kolhan University Students Union on Monday that Dr. KK Akhouri has been sending obscene messages and video links on their mobiles from his WhatsApp for the last 16-17 days.

Dr. KK Akhouri also lures girl students to buy clothes from online stores. Not even agreeing to refuse. Most of the messages are sent after 12 pm. The students also showed the screen shot of the obscene message to the student union. Seeing the message, the students got furious and at around 2 pm all the students reached the university and started protesting. Slogans were raised against Dr. Akhauri.

Meanwhile, the girls surrounded Dr. Akhauri and started beating her. However, he did not get much injur. Dr. Akhauri was repeatedly trying to hide his identity by covering his face with a cloth. There is a demand of the student union that immediate action should be taken against such teacher.

A meeting was held at 4:00 pm on Monday under the chairmanship of Professor Gangadhar Panda, Vice Chancellor of Kolhan University, regarding the matter of Dr. Akhouri. It was decided in the meeting that the final decision would be taken in the meeting of the disciplinary committee on Tuesday. It is expected that a notification to suspend Dr. KK Akhouri was issued on Tuesday. University spokesperson Dr. PK Pani said that the university is also investigating the matter. The final decision will be taken by the Disciplinary Committee. At present, written statements of both the parties have been taken.

(EW correspondent)



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