Precautionary booster dose from today, No new Registration required

The feature to book online slots for a “precautionary dose” of COVID-19 vaccine, through the government’s CoWIN platform, was enabled on January 8. Reminder SMSs have been pushed to more than 1.0 crore HCWs/FLWs/ citizens 60+, for Precaution Dose. The system is ready to welcome beneficiaries todays at vaccination centers.

Citizens 60+, before they go for precaution dose, should take Mefical advice for same. Co-morbidity or medical advice papers are NOT MANDATORY.

As per the details shared by the government last month, all frontline and healthcare workers, along with the 60-plus population with comorbidities will be eligible for the additional jab. However, a minimum time period of 39 weeks should have lapsed since the date when the second dose was administered to them.

Those eligible for the precautionary dose are not required to register themselves again on the CoWIN portal or app, the Union health ministry clarified earlier in the day. They can either use the platform to book vaccination slots, or directly walk in at the vaccination centres to receive the jab.