Ranchi: The hustle and bustle of the Rajya Sabha elections can be felt within the ruling party of Jharkhand state. Whether it is the tour to Delhi Durbar of the Congress or marking presence at the Chief Minister’s residence in Ranchi, the churning process is going on for the candidature. This time Congress has staked claim of first preference candidature within the alliance. According to State Working President Bandhu Tirkey, everyone has to take a decision together within the alliance. Congress’s claim is definitely made and accordingly talks are going on continuously. He however claims of congress of wining this election in this prevailing political situation.

Seeing the Congress’s claim getting stronger in the Rajya Sabha elections, the round of claim has also started within the party. MLA Irfan Ansari has demanded to make his father Furkan Ansari a Rajya Sabha candidate. He claims that 14 party MLAs have agreed to field Furkan Ansari. There is a need to do justice to the Ansari Samaj, the largest population among the minority vote bank. Irfan will ask Congress MLA Sonia Gandhi for time on May 24 or 25 to express her views on the issue.

JMM, playing the role of elder brother within the ruling coalition, is claiming to win both the Rajya Sabha seats. JMM spokesperson Manoj Pandey has pointed to the BJP’s formula in the 2016 Rajya Sabha elections. He says that when BJP can win 2 seats with 43 MLAs, then their figure is 48. BJP has shown the way, now it is ready to defeat BJP by following the same path.

Voting for two Rajya Sabha seats in Jharkhand is to be held on June 10. In the next few days, the candidature of the parties will clear the picture of the electoral turmoil. After this, the game of figures will start and in the game of figures, whose strategy is the strongest, the one will get the victory. However, it will be interesting to see what turns out to be the end result of the turmoil within the ruling coalition.