principal Correspondent: By November-December, the state government has started taking over the ground for the panchayat elections. Through the program ‘Aapke Adhikar, Aapki Sarkar, Aapke Dwar’, the state government will reach door-to-door to the people of 4,351 panchayats including all district, block, municipal bodies. During this, needy people will be benefited from public welfare schemes by organizing camps in panchayats. Panchayat elections in Jharkhand are likely to be held in January-February 2022.

When Panchayat elections are held in January-February 2022, elections will be held according to the new voter list. The new voter list is to be published in the first week of January. If the notification is issued before the publication of the electoral roll, then the elections will be held on that basis, otherwise the elections will be conducted on the basis of the new electoral roll. On the basis of the new electoral roll, the work of the Election Department will increase and the voters’ list will have to be prepared again. At present, the scheduled Panchayat elections were to be held on the basis of the voter list of January 2021, but when the new voter list comes in January 2022, preparations will have to be made on the same basis. A new voter list will have to be given at all the places, on the basis of which a new voter list will be generated, only then the election will be held. In this, the formation of polling stations will also have to be done afresh. Voters can increase or decrease in this. At present, the Election Commission is getting the voter list revised from 1st November. After the completion of the process, the new voter list is to be issued in the first week of January 2022.

Panchayat elections are not to be held on party basis, yet those people who are workers, supporters or are close to the constituent parties of the state government, they can get the benefit if they become candidates.

In the Panchayat elections, the potential candidates will also leave no stone unturned to implement these schemes and benefit the people, they will also participate enthusiastically and those who are not getting the benefit of it, they will bring them to the camp.

EW Correspondent/Ranchi