How bad is Omicron? Study Shows for sure that it is much, much more contagious than previous variants.

A preprint study in The Lancet, reveals that while there were vastly more cases in the Omicron wave, a far smaller share were hospitalized (4.9 percent versus 18.9 percent for Beta and 13.7 percent Delta) and of those hospitalizations, a much smaller share had severe symptoms (28.8 percent versus 60.1 percent and 66.9 percent, respectively).

However, a much larger share of Omicron hospitalizations were children this time, probably because of very limited vaccination in that group.

Several pre-print animal studies suggest that the mutations that make it so incredibly contagious and evasive to prior immunity also make it less able to infect the lungs — where the previous variants wreaked their worst havoc.

But increased contagiousness can compensate for that lessened severity with sheer numbers of infections. Sure enough, across the United States, the staggeringly rapid spread of Omicron is swamping clinics and hospitals that were already reeling from two years of nearly nonstop pandemic.

So, the good idea is to remain in your house for another couple of months, Use mask regularly, keep sanitizing your hand and follow social distancing.