Moscow: Russia has banned Prime Minister Boris Johnson and other senior ministers of UK from entering Russia over the UK’s “hostile” stance on the war in Ukraine.

They include Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, Defence Secretary Ben Wallace and 10 other senior politicians, mostly members of the Cabinet have also been barred.

Moscow said the decision had been made in retaliation to the UK’s sanctions against Russia since it invaded Ukraine.

This is a second ban that has been imposed by Moscow. In March, Moscow imposed a similar ban against US President Joe Biden.

All total 13 UK personalities have been denied entry to Russia. This include PM Boris Johnson, Foreign secretary Liz Truss, Defence Secretary Ben Wallace, Home Secretary Priti Patel and others.

Russia’s foreign ministry said that “London’s unbridled information and political campaign aimed at isolating Russia internationally, creating conditions for containing Russia and strangling the domestic economy” were responsible for its decision.

It also added that “In essence, the British leadership is deliberately aggravating the situation around Ukraine, pumping the Kyiv regime with lethal weapons and coordinating similar efforts on the part of NATO.”

Earlier this week, the UK and US governments announced further sanctions on Russia. The sanctions included financial measures designed to damage Russia’s economy and penalise Russian President Vladimir Putin, high-ranking officials, and people who have benefited from his regime.