Thursday, November 30, 2023
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More than one lakh people given Covid vaccine in a single day in Jharkhand.

Ranchi, The Covid vaccination is finally gathering speed in Jharkhand record number of 1,02,831 people were given the vaccines in the state which included 95,730 people who got the first dose while another 7,101 were the recipients of the second dose. Age wise in the 45 plus category 38,499 people were given the vaccines while in 18 plus category 62,349 received their first dose of vaccine. As per the data available till June 11 in Jharkhand 41,31,501 people have received the first dose of vaccine while 7,72,863 have taken the second dose of the vaccine.

 In 18 age plus category 9,49,204 people have taken the first dose of vaccine. The Health Department has started special vaccination drive for the primitive tribes group in the state as part of which they have been divided into two groups. Priority has been accorded to such primitive tribes group who live in one place and for them teams will be reaching at their homes and doing their vaccination.

 Second category is of such group which keep on moving from one place to another and for them vaccination will be done by mobile vaccination vans. A senior official of the state government said that wastage of Coronavirus vaccine was less than 3 percent in Jharkhand. The state has so far received 58,17,250 vaccines out of which 46,56,640 was for 45 plus category while 11,61,210 was for 18 plus category. There are 7,60,655 vaccines in stock.

(Posted By: Sanjay Pandey)  



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