Friday, December 1, 2023
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MNREGA Park will be built in every block of Jharkhand

MGNREGA Park will be constructed in every block of Jharkhand State. This park will include all the schemes being operated under MNREGA. This park in about 30-40 acres will not only create permanent assets in the particular block, but will also ensure guarantee of employment to the workers seeking employment in the block concerned. Jharkhand will be the first state to use MGNREGA park.

MNREGA Commissioner Rajeshwari B has given special instructions to all the Deputy Commissioners and Deputy Development Commissioners of the state regarding the construction of the park. It was told that MNREGA Park would be prepared with community participation. Farmers or other people associated with the block will provide land for MNREGA works at one place. The land can be of any nature, but the land should not be in pieces in any block.

The MNREGA park will include schemes like Birsa Harit Gram Yojana, Jal Samridhi Yojana, small ponds, wells and irrigation, currently being run under MNREGA. The big advantage of this will be that rich assets will be created at one place in the block and people will also get regular employment. This park will guarantee employment of at least 20 days through this to any person seeking work in the block.

MNREGA Commissioner Rajeshwari B said that MNREGA Park would be a model for better implementation of schemes. This village will also be a strong model of Swaraj. He said that MNREGA parks have been constructed in some districts of the state to make various assets under MNREGA integrated and to display them at one place. In MGNREGA Park, at least 10 types of assets can be realized in a single area. With the construction of the park, better utilization of assets and proper management will be done. Along with this, employment will be created at that place throughout the year and beneficiaries will be linked with employment.

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