Paris, French President Emmanuel Macron said he would discuss the situation in Afghanistan at a meeting with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

“The urgent issue is the situation in Afghanistan. We will discuss it,” Macron told reporters prior to the meeting with Rutte in the Elysee Palace.

“In addition, we discussed it in the summer to manage the humanitarian situation together, coordinate actions as friends and allies to evacuate our compatriots, as well as Afghans we want to protect,” he said.

In early August, the Taliban intensified their offensive against government forces in Afghanistan. The Taliban entered the Afghan capital on August 15 and took control of the presidential palace, and on August 16 announced that the war in Afghanistan was over and the form of government in the country would become clear in the near future. The only province not under their control is Panjshir, northeast of Kabul.

Late on Monday, the Pentagon announced the completion of the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan and the end of the 20-year mission. The airport in Kabul, from where the evacuation of foreigners and allies was carried out, came under the full control of the Taliban.

France completed evacuation operations from Afghanistan on August 27.

(EW correspondent)