Bharatiya Janata Party leader Kapil Mishra on Wednesday alleged that he has been detained by Jharkhand police at Birsa Munda airport here. Mishra arrived at Ranchi to visit the kin of 17-year old boy Rupesh Kumar Pandey at Hazaribag who was killed during a clash at Barhi during immersion procession of Saraswati idol on February 6.

Despite repeated efforts, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), Ranchi, Surendra Kumar Jha could not be contacted for an official statement on the issue.

“Detained by Jharkhand police at Ranchi Airport for last two hours,” Mishra tweeted. In his earlier tweet at 9.20 am, Mishra said he was stopped by the police at Ranchi airport and was not allowed to exit from the airport. “My point is clear. I have come to meet the bereaved family of Rupesh Pandey ji. I am ready to go to Rupesh ji’s house with a few people in a police vehicle. Stopping me raises questions on the intention of the Jharkhand government,” he said.

Mishra said he had talked to deceased Rupesh Pandey’s mother on video call and had been prevented by police to come out of the airport. “Pandey’s mother says nothing is acceptable to her than hanging the culprits …I told him that the whole country is with him,” Mishra said in another tweet. Mishra also shared a video in which Pandey’s mother who has stopped eating demanding justice to his son

“I have come from Delhi to tell you that we all are your sons. You are not alone. You have support from all over the world,” Mishra said. Pandey’s mother is heard in the video demanding to hang the culprits to which Mishra said culprits should be hanged as this was a planned murder. He said Rs 14 lakh has been collected from people and it will be transferred to her account and a legal team will be there.