Ranchi: RTA Secretary Niranjan Kumar held a meeting with various auto unions and Jharkhand Passenger Association on Thursday. He told the auto union that time is being given till September to make the uniform. If auto drivers do not start wearing  uniforms from October 1, then action will be taken. Many auto unions had objections to the fare of some routes. It has been amended. In the meeting, there was also a discussion on compulsorily setting up freight tables in every auto.

Out of the fare fixed in the meeting on July 28, some of the stoppages of the four routes were revised. The fares have been revised from First Court to Namkum, Rampur Marg, Second Booty More, Khelgaon More, Tatisilve Marg, Third Court to 10 Mile Marg and Fourth Court to Dhurva Marg.

Kachari to Lowadih, Samlong fare increased from Rs 15 to Rs 20, Kantatoli to Bargaon, Sidraul, Rampur route increased from Rs 20 to Rs 30, Khelgaon to Tatisilway route increased from Rs 15 to Rs 20, 10 Mile, Satranji, Tupudana The fare from Sujata Chowk to Bahu Bazar has been increased from Rs 30 to Rs 35 and from 10 Mile to Court has been increased to Rs 45. The fare from Jail Mor to Station Road has been increased from Rs 20 to Rs 25.

The meeting was attended by Dinesh Soni, founder of Jharkhand State Auto Driver Federation, Sunil Singh, General Secretary of District Auto Driver Union, Prem Mittal, President of Jharkhand Passenger Association, Gyandev Jha, Ashok Kumar etc.

(EW correspondent)