Hamirpur (HP), Himachal Pradesh has reported 114 new cases of Covid-19 and six deaths in the past 24 hours, Health Department said here.

Six aged persons, three from Kangra, two from Hamirpur and one from Una district lost their lives due to the dreaded Coronavirus and 114 new positive cases were found in Himachal Pradesh on Saturday, said a spokesman of the HP health Department.

He told UNI today that the number of active cases has come down to 1,375 as the number of the cured cases (231) was much higher than the new cases (114) in the state.

There is no district where the number of active cases was zero.

The spokesman said that the total fatalities had risen to 3,757 with the district of Kangra heading the table with 1,136 deaths, followed by Shimla-642, Mandi-451, Solan-314, Hamirpur-289, Sirmaur-211, Chamba-160, Kullu-158, Bilaspur-85, Kinnaur-38 and Lahaul, and Spiti-18.

The number of total confirmed cases in the state stood at 2,24,830 and that of the cured cases at 2,19,681.

Meanwhile, twenty-four more new positive cases were found in Hamirpur district on Saturday thereby taking the tally of the confirmed cases to 17,517, and that of the cured cases to 16,963.

The number of active cases in the district stood at 264 and total deaths at 289.

Notably, most of the active cases were the school-going children studying in government schools that were to be reopened on Monday.

On other hand, the people of the district are in a quandary whether to send their wards to schools or not as they apprehend that the third phase of the Coronavirus was expected anytime and they don’t want to put their children at any risk.

One of them Ram Sharan Dass of Nadaun said that when the Corona still existed in the state and the number of new cases was on rising every day, there was no fun to open the schools for the little children studying from 3rd to 5th classes as the government was going to open schools for them from November 11th.

One of the senior medical officers said that the situation on the Corona front was not fine and it might take an ugly turn in the coming days if timely and effective steps were not taken to control the virus.

He said that it was a matter of shame that people were not wearing face masks in the majority and were not observing the COvid-19 guidelines in totality. He said that the politicians of the state were to be blamed for this mess.

The medico said that the situation had taken such a pass that we people( Medical Officers) were also becoming victims to the virus as the rush of the patients in the hospitals all over the state especially in the districts of Hamirpur and Kangra was beyond control.

He demanded that strictest measures were the need of the hour failing which, the old situation might erupt in the state in coming days.

(EW Correspondent)