Harnaaz Sandhu, Miss Universe 2021, is interested in breaking path and try some other field such as business and philanthropy.

I grew up with a vision of experimenting and exploring to grow and fulfill myself as a professional. I do not believe in developing a single profession.

“Beauty pageants have evolved, but I think there is a stigma: I understand that they only look at the physique. But there is much more if we go deeper. They advocate for causes for women, they have a mission to support, and, of course, to encourage women to develop without depending on social standards.

“Today, when talking about empowerment, it is not only a pending issue, but also speaking with conviction and fighting for a community. I do not intend to change the world, but I do want to contribute, contribute to its improvement and to a reading with less prejudice” , emphasized the young woman.

Speaking about one of the causes she will support, she highlighted the power of giving a voice to young women in rural communities in her country, where they need guidance on personal care and health.

“There are many communities (in India) and many places where menstrual hygiene and the growth and physical change of a girl into a teenager are not discussed. It is still a taboo and I want to help improve that.