Medininagar: Notorious gangster Aman Sahu has revealed many secrets in front of Palamu police. Aman Sahu was taken on remand by the Palamu Police on the charge of attack during the construction work of Railway Freight Corridor. During the remand, the police had taken him to Haidernagar and Mohammadganj. Where he was interrogated on the spot.

During interrogation, Aman Sahu has told the police many important things. Aman Sahu told the police that initially he and Sujit Sinha were one. But in recent times the two have parted ways. Many shooters of Sujit Sinha work for him. Aman Sahu tells the Palamu police that Sujit Sinha’s notorious shooter works for him. He and Sujit Sinha had carried out separate attacks on the Railway Freight Corridor. Sujit Sinha had connected the boys to the gang through social media. Whereas he got the attacks done through Hari Tiwari. Lakhs of extortion was sought from the company building the freight corridor. Everyone was in touch with each other through virtual private numbers.

Aman Sahu has given many information to the police during the remand. He has told how the gang is working in Palamu and who is involved in it. How is Sujit Sinha doing? Palamu SP Chandan Kumar Sinha said that soon the Palamu police will take Sujit Sinha on remand.