Nawada: The water of river Ganga reached Nawada district through pipeline under the Ganga Udbhav Scheme of Bihar Government. On this occasion, the Chief Minister of the state Nitish Kumar reached Nawada and inspected the scheme. There was a wave of happiness among the people as the water of river Ganga reached the district. Under this scheme, approved on 28 December 2019, a pipeline has been laid for Rajgir on one side and Nawada on the other. Gangajal will be stored on 354 acres at Ghodkatora in Rajgir through a pipeline of more than 191 km. There will be three routes to carry water from Giriyak. Then from Giriyak itself, the pipe will reach Manpur in Gaya via Tapovan, Jethia and Dashrath Manjhi. The scheme is estimated to be of around Rs.3000 crores