Congress vocal against the central government

Mehengayi Mukt Bharat Campaign against Central Govt.

Demonstration against rising oil price

Ranchi- Jharkhand State Congress Committee protested against central government near RajBhavan in Ranchi. After a major surge in the price of fuel and other related products, congress has adapted an aggressive stance by starting the Mehengayi Mukt Abhiyan (Inflation Free India) campaign against the central government. The protest was presided by Congress leader Geeta Koda along with other senior congress leaders after being directed by AICC.

The protest was joined by former Ranchi MP SubodhKant Sahay and Rural Development Minister Alamgir Alam. While addressing the media working president cum MP Geeta Koda said that “the government should control the prices of petroleum products so that the burden on the poor and middle class family does not increase.”

Along with this, Alamgir Alam said that “in the last 10 days, the Central Government has increased the prices of petrol and diesel nine times. The government is earning thousands of crores of rupees from this increase and the people of the state are forced to die”

A number of congress leader, spokesperson and  party supporters joined this protest and showed their support for Jharkhand State Congress Committee.