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Financially rich people should surrender their ration card in a week: Deputy Commissioner

EW Correspondent/Palamu
Deputy Commissioner Shashi Ranjan has appealed to the financially well-off ration card holders of the district to surrender their cards by November 30, failing which legal action will be taken against the concerned and for recovery. He said that there are many such affluent families in the district who, despite being financially strong, are taking ration by keeping ration cards and due to this many eligible persons of the district are deprived of the ration card scheme. It is mandatory for the ration card holders to surrender the ration card falling under the exclusion standard set by the government. He has appealed to those card holders who are financially prosperous to voluntarily surrender the ration card to the concerned Block Supply Officer in the online application (Form-12G) by November 30. If the ineligible card holders do not surrender their ration card by November 30, then recovery and legal action will be taken against them in the light of the heads contained in the Jharkhand Targeted Public Distribution System Control Order-2019. The Deputy Commissioner said that such people cannot keep ration cards with them, any member of their family, Government of India, State Government, Union Territories or their councils, processes, undertakings and other autonomous bodies like universities, municipal corporations, municipal councils, etc. Families whose members pay income tax, service tax, occupational tax etc. The family should have more than five acres of irrigated land/more than 10 acres of land or if there is a four wheeler in the name of any member of the family. Any member of the family is the owner or operator of an enterprise registered by the Government or those families who have a house of three or more rooms with cemented walls and roof in the rooms, which are covered by government schemes and households having four wheeler agricultural equipment costing Rs 5 lakh or more.



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