Elon Musk , the world’s richest man , earned $1.41 billion per hour on Monday, the first trading day of the new year 2022, in terms of earning money, but lost $11.9 billion the very next day. The start of the new year of the mask was vigorous, but the very next day there was a setback. Tesla shares fell 4.18% to $1,149.59 on Tuesday. After this decline, the value of masks is now $292 billion.
Let us tell you that on the first day of the year, the shares of his electric car company Tesla rose 14 percent on Monday. Due to this the company earned $ 33.8 billion i.e. about Rs 2,51,715 crore. After this, Musk’s net worth increased to $ 304 billion in a single day.

Record deliveries in the fourth quarter .
Tesla delivered a record 308,600 vehicles in the fourth quarter, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Due to this, the company’s stock rose 13.5 percent to $1,199.78 on Monday. This is its biggest jump in a single day in nearly 10 months. Experts say that Tesla’s performance is expected to remain strong throughout the year.
With the opening of new factories in Berlin and Texas, the company’s production will increase, which will speed up deliveries. Tesla is the world’s most valuable auto company and its market cap is more than four times that of Toyota Motor.

EW Correspondent/Delhi