Efforts are being made to supply liquor in the border area

EW Correspondent/Hussainabad: Action has been fixed on those who reach and help from neighboring states or border areas regarding the prohibition law. Despite this, work is going on the plan to supply liquor in the border area by giving the contract of liquor to the people of Bihar in the border area. Due to the Hussainabad sub-divisional headquarters being adjacent to the Bihar border, the liquor mafia gets a lot of convenience in transporting liquor to Bihar. By evening, this business is being carried out every day by using many bikes and four wheelers and paying a hefty amount to the local administration. All the people whose shops have been found at many places including border area Hussainabad and Hariharganj are residents of border areas of Jharkhand and Bihar including Aurangabad, Sasaram. Many enlightened people told that all the people know who are involved in these professions. Liquor is being smuggled by the Sahara mafia on the banks of Soan River in places like Nabinagar and Aurangabad in Bihar, apart from Tilauthu and Banjari in Rohtas district by purchasing liquor from Jharkhand at cheap prices. It is strictly prohibited to open a shop in a densely populated and public place. Wherein, liquor is being sold in every locality of the village. Barhal liquor mafias are bat bat in Hussainabad subdivision area.