Ranchi: ED ends interrogation of husband of IAS Puja Singhal Abhishek Jha after 12 hours. Abhishek Jha has left the ED’s regional directorate located on the airport road. At 8.50 pm, the ED made Abhishek Jha come out of the ED’s office, where a sense of dilemma was clearly visible on his face. He was summoned to the ED office on Sunday morning. One-to-one questioning was being done since 9 am and it continued for about 12 hours.

First the Chartered Accountant and Abhishek Jha were interrogated by keeping them in different rooms. Later both of them were interrogated face to face. During this more than 60 questions were asked from him. The ED is still interrogating Chartered Accountant Suman Kumar Singh. It was being speculated that ED might retain Abhishek Jha. But it also came to the fore that no detention can be continued after nine o’clock in the night.

On the other hand, CA Suman Kumar Singh is being told of opening many secrets. In this, information about his involvement with Abhishek Jha and relationship with IAS Pooja Singhal, hawala business and others has been shared. Sources say that CA Suman Kumar Singh broke down in the barrage of questions from ED and accepted his involvement in many cases. CA has revealed that 30 crore rupees were sent to Kolkata every month through hawala and other means. After this, that amount used to come back to Ranchi through the shell companies formed by them in the form of white. This cycle continued for many days. On the basis of answers given by CA Suman, various aspects are being investigated. CA also provided information about the registration of companies and directors of the Registrar of Companies.