For the last 8 years, she has been educating students. In the contemporary era, children used to entertained themselves with movie’s songs but students under her are interested in learning and singing educational songs. She has presented education in the best form, where children can do their studies happily, without any stress. Their method of teaching is effective. According to the outcome, adults and senior citizens are also taking interest in studies.
She has described us the way to develop interest in education. Recently, she gave a webinar, in which she explained the very easy techniques for study. More than 600 people attended the webinar. This webinar was organized by Abhav Foundation which is constantly practicing public interest for the society, conducting online webinars and training with the help of current technology. Till date, various types of training with 262 national and international webinars are being conducted by this foundation. Currently, more than one lakh thirty thousand participants have been registered in these programs. All the participants are awarded certificates by the Foundation. GP Tiwari Chairman, Paresh Gautam Technical Manager, Ganesh Tiwari Member, Prem Prakash Tiwari, and Prashant Dubey are appreciated.

(EW News Bhopal)