Dictator Kim stunned other countries including America, did more than 90 missile tests under his rule.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is a world figure who is constantly in the media headlines. But the reason for this is something else. In fact, since Kim Jong Un took over the power of the country, following the path of his dictatorial attitude, he has taken such steps, due to which not only the Korean Peninsula but also the security of other countries has been endangered. This has also been the biggest reason for his stay in the media headlines. Kim is known for his frequent sharp statements towards America.

Hypersonic missile test.
The reason for his recent media headlines is North Korea’s test of hypersonic missile, which is being said to be successful. This missile accurately hit its target 700 km away. Talking about the speed of this missile, it must have been more than the speed of about six thousand km per hour. This means that it gives the enemy very little time to recover. On behalf of North Korea, it has been said that this missile has increased the reliability of their new fuel system.

America and North Korea figure thirty-six.
The whole world knows that America and North Korea have a figure of thirty-six. However, former US President Donald Trump became the first president in decades who succeeded in bringing Kim on one platform. However, even after this effort, it is a fact that despite two conferences between Trump and Kim, no agreement could be reached between the two. Despite this, Trump did not give up and continued to keep his side about Kim. Due to this, Trump also became the first president to enter the border of North Korea while in office.

Kim on the path of her grandfather and father.
However, let us tell you that Kim is following the same path of his grandfather Kim Il Sang and his father Kim Jong Il. From 1994-2011, he was the second tallest leader of the country. He took over the power of the country after the death of Kim Jong Il in December 2011. Since then, he has been determined to make North Korea a nuclear-weapon country, despite the constant sanctions. Whereas the truth is that North Korea is completely shattered economically. Despite starvation and poverty, dictator Kim is not ready to back down from this plan. Even in the time of Corona epidemic, he did not put aside this plan, while the economic condition of the country was very bad.

North Korea successfully test-fires hypersonic missile.
It is also interesting to know here that after coming to power, Kim also tested a nuclear bomb in February 2013. In the year 2016 from January to the beginning of 2018, North Korea conducted about 90 missile tests. These tests were almost three times higher when compared to their father and grandfather. On his father’s 100th anniversary, Kim said that the days are gone when his country’s enemies blackmailed him about the atomic bomb. In 2013, while addressing the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party, he had announced to give a new direction to the country and to lay the foundation stone for the formation of the Nuclear Armed Force. Excited by the success of his missile test, Kim even said that he would destroy America.

EW Correspondent/Delhi