Varanasi: After the claim of recovering Shivling the premises of Gyanvapi Mosque from the Hindu side, the court has ordered to seal the pond area handing over the security to CRPF. The area has been sealed with 9 locks. Two CRPF personnel will be stationed there for 24 hours. That is, in every shift, two jawans will keep an eye on the security there so that no one can harm the found Shivling.

The head of temple security, deputy SP rank officer and commandant of CRPF will conduct inspections. Both the officers will look after the security of the place of Shivling. After the order of the court, the administration has decided to seal it. According to the Varanasi administration, there is a small pond in the premises that has been sealed. This is the place where the Hindu side has claimed to have found a Shivling. However, the Muslim side says that it is not Shivling but a fountain.