One of the World’s most loved footballer Cristiano Ronaldo was recently honoured in India, as a statue of the Manchester United player was erected in Panaji, Goa. The reason behind setting up a statue of Ronaldo: To promote the growth of football in India.

However, the statue has instead sparked a massive political debate, as to why the Portuguese captain was chosen to promote football, why not an Indian player instead?

Congress-NCP workers Behind protest: BJP

Protestors also pointed to the fact that Goa was once colonised by the Portuguese, so why was Ronaldo’s bust erected in Goa, as it could be a reminder of Goa’s pre-independence rule under Portugal.

“This is for the first time that the statue of Cristiano Ronaldo has come up in India. This is nothing but to inspire our youth,” Goa minister Michael Lobo twitted.

He further continued, “If you want to take football to another level then this is what young boys and girls will look forward to, taking selfies and looking at the statue and getting inspired to play.”

However, many detractors called out the move for being unsensible, owing to the fact the Goa only got independence from Portuguese rule in 1961. Why choose a Portuguese icon to promote football, why not an Indian player they questioned.