WhatsApp groups in every city would get connected through “Rahul Connect” App

Indian National Congress is planning Big for Lok Sabha Elections 2024. First step is to increase its presence on Social Media. In its plan to widen the digital-social media network, Congress is Planning a web of WhatsApp groups up to the constituency level for political campaigning and voter mobilization for 2024 Lok Sabha Election.

With the theme of “Rahul/RG Connect”, Congress is also considering an app for online cadre connectivity across states at the national level. The idea is to radically transform its social media-online strength for the next parliamentary elections, based on the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic.

According to sources, the WhatsApp group- “RG Connect 2024” – will be launched and members will be asked to forward distributed promotional material and political messages by posting them on their individual social media platforms and for disseminating to other citizens.

Sources said the active members would be made part of these WhatsApp groups, who would network with party members and general voters through the strategy devised for the project.

The Congress is in the middle of its membership drive, which is ahead of organizational elections, and is likely to be issued cards to members, who will then be enrolled in WhatsApp groups.