Jharkhand Congress leader Irfan Ansari has landed himself in a controversey after promising to construct roads that would be smoother than Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut’s cheeks.

In a self-recorded video, Ansari said, “I assure you that roads of Jamtara “will be smoother than the cheeks of film actress Kangana Ranaut. Construction of 14 world-class roads will begin soon.”

He also said that such roads would be used by children from the tribal community and the youth in the state.

Opposition BJP termed Irfan Ansari statement Derogatory and against Woman’s dignity. BJP States spokeperson Pratul Shahdeo in his statement said, “Congress leaders are in habit of passing derogatory remarks against woman.

Digvijay Singh called woman “tunch maal”, Karnataka BJP Legislature adviced woman to enjoy rape, and now Irfan Ansari sub-standard remarks against National award winning actress is nothing but continuation of Congress Culture.”