Patna: 7 seats of Bihar Legislative Assembly are falling vacant this month. Elections on these seats are to be held soon. The excitement of elections has increased in the state. Lalu Prasad Yadav’s party Rashtriya Janata Dal has announced 3 candidates for the elections. However Congress and CPI-ML have expressed their disagreement with this move of RJD. Both these parties say that there has not been any discussion with them about fielding the third candidate. Both these parties are staking claim on the third candidate. The current calculation says that RJD has the number force to win 2 candidates. Whereas they are lacking strength to claim the victory of third candidate. Doubts persists on whether the third RJD candidate will be able to win without the support of Congress and CPI(ML).

Congress and CPI-ML together are preparing to field their separate candidate for this election. In such a situation, there may be an eclipse if the third candidate of RJD wins. Congress spokesperson Asitnath Tiwari said on this issue that Congress and ML have a clear figure to win a candidate. He clearly said that those who do not need us, we also do not need them. Congress has announced that the party will field its fourth candidate along with Male.