New Delhi: Even though state government has paid Rs 1,690 crore to lift Jharkhand from the problem of power cut, it has not ended the problem yet. Due to the depleted stock of coal in various thermal power plants, there is a possibility of power problem in the country. Amidst the increased consumption of electricity, only eight to ten days of coal is present in four states, while the stock of coal in other eight states has reached a worrying level.

There is a continuous power cut of six thousand MW for 10 days. Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Bihar, Uttarakhand and Andhra Pradesh are being affected the most. In such a situation, seeing the forecast of severe heat, the return of all industrial units to the pre-Covid level and the condition of coal, power crisis is being feared in at least 15 states.

According to the Central Power Authority, there are 173 power plants in the country, of which nine are currently not generating electricity. While 14 run on imported coal. Of the remaining 150, 85 have only 7-10 days of coal left. 105 plants have coal with 25 per cent of its storage capacity. It is noted that a similar situation had arisen in September-October last year, but at that time due to the soaking of coal, the process of coal extraction was interrupted.