Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Big dustbins to be installed in 60 different places in Hazaribagh

Hazaribagh; To improve the cleanliness system in Hazaribagh Municipal Corporation area, nine cleaning vehicles and 60 iron dustbins were purchased at a cost of about one crore. Of these, seven cleaning tipper vehicles, a ladder machine for electrical repair, 60 iron dustbins and a dumper pliers machine for lifting them have been procured.

In this regard, Municipal Commissioner Madhavi Mishra said that due to lack of necessary cleaning equipment for the last several years, there was trouble in regular cleaning work in the city. To maintain cleanliness in the corporation area, it is necessary to have a useful cleaning machine in the corporation.

He has appealed to the residents not to throw garbage on the roads wherever. Throw the garbage in the dustbin only. Apart from this, the surrounding dustbin is filled with garbage and there is a delay in lifting it. So you should inform the corporation about it. He said that regular lifting of all the dustbins installed would be done.

60 iron dustbins will be installed at the intersections of the main roads of 36 wards of the city. A list has been sought from the ward councilors and head jamadars after selecting the place of installation of dustbins. This dustbin will take from 1100 to 2500 liters of capacity. Of these, 35 dustbins have been supplied to the corporation. Remaining dustbins will also be provided.




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