Bokaro: The sudden collapse of ash pond led to the flooding of a nearby village in Rautdih area of Bokaro district. The accident happened during cleaning of the pond by local FM enterprise. In this incident all the items kept in the houses were destroyed. Along with this, many animals got washed away due to the strong current. However, the administration has not yet taken any notice about the incident.

The work of cleaning the ash pond of the power plant running in the joint venture of Bokaro Steel and BPSCL has been given to HSCL company. However HSCL by shrugging off itself assigned this work of cleaning to local FM Enterprises. During the negligent work of FM Enterprises, today there has been a huge loss to the general public of Rautdih due to the sudden breakdown of Pond.

According to the victims, all the food items kept in their homes have been destroyed. Those people have become obsessed with grain. People say that earlier also the management was made aware of this apprehension, but due to the negligence of the management and the connivance of the contractor, such an incident has happened today. Management and contractors are refraining from saying anything regarding this incident.