Lucknow: SP leader Azam Khan, who is awaiting his bail is now again in trouble. Before Azam could get bail in case enemy property case, another case was registered against him. Rampur Police has registered a case against Azam Khan in the alleged cheating case of 2020 regarding the recognition of a school.
The SP leader is accused above that he had obtained recognition by getting the certificate of the building of Rampur Public School forged.

As per information, the hearing of this case is to be held on May 19 in Rampur Court. Earlier, the High Court had heard on May 5 in the matter of enemy property against Azam Khan. He could not get bail in this hearing, because the court has reserved the decision after hearing the bail application. In such a situation, it is now expected that the court will give its verdict in this matter next week. However, even if bail is given in this case, Ajam Khan will not be able to come out of jail.

During the hearing on May 5, Azam Khan’s lawyers kept his side for about three hours. On the other hand, the public prosecutor opposed the application. After the arguments of both the sides, the bench of Justice Rahul Chaturvedi reserved the decision, but even if bail is granted in this case, Azam Khan will not be able to come out of jail.