Udaipur (Tripura), All India Trinamool Congress leader Abhishek Banerjee is likely to visit tomorrow to Tripureswari temple to worship Goddess Tripureswari in order to start political activities in BJP lead state Tripura.

A source of security personnel has informed this information and said that there is news on the visit of Abhishek Banerjee received by high officials source of security personnel.

A political source of Trinamool Congress has also confirmed the news that there is a plan to visit the Tripurasundari temple by Abhishek Banerjee tomorrow and the preparation is all set to receive him by their political leader at Tripureswari temple at Udaipur under Udaipur subdivision of Gomati District in Tripura.

A section of high-level political leaders is already staying in Tripura for the last few days to do political activities as leaders of the All India Trinamool Congress. 

Subal Bhowmik, a scenario political person with other 40 numbers renowned political leaders have joined with All India Trinamool Congress and they have started their political activities according to said instructions given by high command.

A section of Tripura people is already disappointed with BJP lead government running by the leadership of Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb because there are many reasons to try for removing BJP lead government in the state Tripura, said a group of political leaders of All India Trinamool Congress party.

Bratya Basu, Leader of All India Trinamool Congress and Minister for the state West Bengal and others leader ware visited a few days ago in the state Tripura and said by them in a press conference that the main goal of All India Trinamool Congress to establish a government in the state Tripura in the year 2023 next. They also said the people of the state Tripura have already been depressed with the activities of BJP lead government for the last three years for some reasons.

A large section of people under different fraternities in the state Tripura are feeling disappointment type of feeling due to unrealistic activities of BJP lead government. According to people, the teachers, government employees, students, unemployed youth, entrepreneurs, Journalists and others are not happy with present government activities in the state Tripura.

It is very true that the commitments asked by BJP before an election in the year 2018 are not implementing with great effort even the government failed to provide MGNREGA works for hundred days in the village. 

Though the PM of India in a political meeting said that a total of Rs: 

340 might pay to workers under MGNREGA but the villagers are not getting that amount even they don’t get a hundred days of work according to their demand under respective scheme.

The Journalists are not secured in the state Tripura even the Chief Minister of the state Tripura Biplab Kumar Deb has been doing different comments against the journalists and there were different types of activities conducted by Tripura Journalists to protest against on comment done by Tripura CM.

The CM Biplab Kumar Deb, while laying the foundation stone for the first special economic zone at Sabroom in South Tripura district had said, “Some newspapers are trying to confuse people, getting over-excited… History will not forgive them, people of Tripura will not forgive them and I, Biplab Deb, will not forgive them.

“I do whatever I say, history is testimony to that.”