Dhanbad: District Police has arrested four people of Aman Singh gang in connection with demanding extortion from surgeon Dr Sameer Kumar. Few days a call was made to doctor demanding Rs 1 crore ransom and Rs 5 lakh per month extortion. After the call of extortion the doctors left the city, although the police came into action and arrested four members namely Bunty Khan, Bir Bahadur, Ilyas and Sirajuddin. Dhanbad SSP has uncovered the matter by holding a press conference.

Talking to the media, SSP Sanjeev Kumar said that recently, Samir Kumar, a well-known doctor of the district, was threatened in the name of Aman Singh and extortion was demanded. Research has revealed that threats are being made from West Bengal with fake SIM cards. A criminal was arrested from Bengal. On his behest, Bir Bahadur Singh alias Biru, a resident of Azamgarh, UP, was arrested from Govindpur and others.

All the arrested criminals were in constant contact with Aman Singh. Bir Bahadur Singh used to do the work of hiding the money received from the extortionist. Apart from this, all the criminals who played the role of SIM supplier and mediator have now been caught by the police.